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Nick one of our Veteran hires

Nick's Story

I served with the United States Marine Corps for six years, and now I work with L&W Supply. When you exit the military and come back into civilian life, you want somebody that’s going to welcome you home, welcome you to your job, and that’s what L&W Supply does. They value the skills that you’ve learned in the military and they want to help grow those skills with you. They value what you can bring – your discipline, your honor, your courage, your commitment. For veterans, L&W really strives on American pride and you’re going to have a sense of belonging.

I’m really excited about my future here at L&W. I just recently graduated from the branch manager training program, and that speaks volumes on how much faith the company has in me. I’m anxious to tackle the challenges laid out in front of me head-on.

"It’s an incredible feeling when you walk through the front door at L&W Supply and you can just feel everybody – from the truck driver to the branch manager – is on the same team and has the same goal.”

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